Jonathan Chevreau B.Sc., M.A.
Chief Findependence Officer (CFO)

Editor at Large at MoneySense Magazine Financial Columnist at National Post Blogger at Motley Fool

Editor-at-Large MoneySense Magazine

Findependence Day - A Financial Novel by Jonathan Chevreau

Writes the Financial Independence column in the magazine and Financial Independence blog at Also writes column for Financial Post, Motley Fool Canada and Masters of Money blog

Findependence Day – A Financial Novel by Jonathan Chevreau


MoneySense Magazine

Canada’s award-winning personal finance magazine.



Financial columnist

National Post

Personal Finance columnist for Financial Post. Blogs at, authored Findependence Day, Smart Funds mutual fund guides from 1995 to 2000, authored The Wealthy Boomer: Life After Mutual Funds in 1998, created spin-off magazine, The Wealthy Boomer, and The Wealthy Boomer discussion forum, published Financial Post e-book in 2012 titled The Best of Jonathan Chevreau.

VP Media Relations

Creative Marketing Network (CMN) Managed six-person publicity team focused on high-tech clients in Canada: Microsoft, NEC, etc.


Globe & Mail

One of the paper’s first high-tech reporters; Also edited weekly Technology section.

Managing Editor


Jonathan Chevreau is a Canadian journalist and author. He got his start as a technology writer for The Globe and Mail in the early 1980s, where he was one of the few observers of the scene who believed that mobile (cell) telephones could someday replace landline phones; he made the even more prescient prediction that someday cell phones would make it possible for a person to keep the same phone number for life.[1] In the mid-1990s, shortly before its merger with the National Post, Chevreau joined the staff of the Financial Post as a finance writer, where he worked as a personal finance columnist until 2012. That year he left the Post to join MoneySense. Chevreau has written several books dealing with both personal finance and the macrofinancial world.[2] In 2008, he published his first work on fiction, Findependence Day,[3] which is ostensibly a novel but largely serves as a vehicle for advising young people how to plan for an early retirement.


Associate Editor, then Managing Editor of biweekly trade newspaper for the Canadian information technology industry.


English-Native or bilingual proficiency French – Limited working proficiency Spanish – Elementary proficiency


The University of Western Ontario

M.A., Journalism

Newspaper stream with magazine publishing, Main research paper on popularization of science in Quebec.

Activities and Societies: Met weekly with writer-in-residence Malcolm Muggeridge with small team of students on his “Decline of the West” project.

University of Toronto (Trinity College) B.Sc. Honours, Science

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